Four Tips to Help Reduce the Stress of Volleyball Tryout Season

Volleyball tryout season is a stressful time. If you really want to make the team, but you’re nervous or suffering from performance anxiety, try these tips.

1 – Get Plenty of Sleep

You can’t perform well if you’re mentally running on empty. It’s easy to fall into a vicious circle of not sleeping because you’re stressed out, then being even more stressed out because you can’t sleep. Make an effort to break that cycle.


Cut down on those energy drinks for a few days, and make a point of turning your phone off and going to bed early. Get up early and go for a light jog to clear your head. Repeat every day and you should find that you start feeling a lot better, and that will show when you turn up for a game.

2 – Treat it Like A Day With Your Old Team

Yes, it’s a tryout, but don’t let your nerves get to you. You’re polite, coachable, friendly and hardworking with your team aren’t you? If so, be yourself. You don’t want to get onto a team that doesn’t like you, so be ‘you’, and do your best. If the team takes you, great! If they don’t take you, then you weren’t a good fit, and that’s a blessing.


Once you shift your thinking to that way of looking at things it gets a lot easier to relax and just do your thing. A sense of competitiveness and urgency is good, but remember that your worth isn’t tied into whether you make that team or not. There are other teams and there will be other years. You’ll always be able to play.

3 – Listen to the Coach

Being coachable is important for any athlete. Each team has different ways of doing things. Listen to the coach and take feedback in your stride. Don’t get upset or stressed if the coach talks to you. Remember that means you have attracted their attention. They wouldn’t give you feedback if you were on their “not worth it”list. So, treat feedback as a good thing!


If the coach tells you to do something, then do it. Thank them for the feedback and show that you’re open to trying new things and doing things their way. Volunteer for any extra jobs, and try to show maturity in everything you do. It can be tiring and stressful, and adapting to a new way of doing things isn’t always easy, but it will be worth the mental (and physical) effort!

4 – Be Prepared

A lot of ‘stress’ comes from the unknown, from rushing around or from being poorly prepared. You’ll feel more confident and less stressed if you do a little forward planning.

Learn the names of the coaches and the address of the venue. Find appropriate kit (now is not the time to be wearing a vest from a rival team!), and pack it the night before. Pack a water bottle and other accessories too.

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Leave early so that you get there on time. Turn your phone off when you get to the venue and resist the urge to check it. Make sure that you have a packed lunch or options for eating sensible food nearby. If you have injuries, pack a strap, tape, etc, so that you don’t have to ask to borrow someone else’s.

A little preparation the night before will go a long way towards making you look organized and prepared, and will make a huge difference to how you feel too. Plan ahead and you could well be that cool, calm and collected girl who aces the tryout.

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